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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Sunday I picked about a third of the kohlrabi. Our two largest are 3 pounds and 5 pounds.   
I trimmed the peeling off first.
The larger ones I had to cut in half before processing.
Then I chopped the kohlrabi into chunks tghat would fit into the food processor. 
I set up the food processor to shred/grate similar to hashbrown potatoes.
It looks the same. And I will be able to use it the same. 
But for now, I'm freezing it. Kohlrabi is very moist which caused problems.
I had to place it in ziplock bags upside down in the sealer bags with just a small opening in the zipper bag.
It was a hassle but it worked okay. I kept a serving out and cooked up like hash browns.
Note to self: Don't add garlic and herb salt. It is too salty for Kohlrabi.

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