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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Find the blessings in each day ...

I woke up before dawn with my jaw and neck clenched tight.  I had woke up from a nightmare! I was traveling with a large group of people and everyone was going their own way. I was desperately trying to get to where we all needed to go and I finally resolved that if they were going to be so rebellious then they could miss everything. That was when I woke up. Needless to say that I am still carrying the tension headache around.

Today is a travel day. I'm on my way back to Houston for work.  You now understand the basis of my dream.  I had made a list of the things that I had to get done. I was up early and got them all done.  But when I got out to my car, loaded and shut the trunk my car began beeping at me. My keys were locked in the trunk.  I opened it just in case but I found my keys hanging on the hook inside. Obviously my spare set is tucked in my luggage or backpack.

At this point I'm about 10 minutes behind schedule. A stop at the grocery store for travel food and a few slowdowns in traffic left me 20 minutes behind when it hit me. Darn! That was my exit. "Lord how am I going to find my way back there?" The Lord answers prayers in mysterious ways. As I took the exit and waited for the light to change, a Park N Fly van was pulling out of the gas station. 

That was where I was going!  It was still a risk because there was a chance that he would be going back to a shop somewhere. But I had such a feeling of peace when I saw him.  It ended up to be a special blessing. Another blessing was when the shuttle dropped off at my airport first which is usually reverse order.

There is a saying that we have the difficult times in life so that we can recognize the good times (or the blessings.) Some days we get a little of both.

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