Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, November 16, 2015


Saturday evening I went to feed the kittens and put the sheep and donkeys in their pens.  They were lined up calling for me.

I love putting words in their mouths, "You brought us out here and now we barely see you anymore.  Get in here and visit for a while! "

The sun was starting to set and they knew it was time for a feeding of grain. So as I went in to feed the cats, they headed to their stalls. I went into the donkeys feeding trough to set their feed. They were peeking through the door but didn't come in until I had finished sprinkling the grain over the hay.

I chose to walk around to feed the sheep.  Gizem came running out to greet me again.  Then circled my legs so closely that I had to stop walking. I must admit it made me laugh. By the time I thought about video taping this goofy sheep, he was running in front of me and turning around to see if I was keeping up.

This is a peaceful existence!

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