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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekend Workout Farm style

I set a goal for the weekend.  It is to get the remainder of 2016 hay bales moved.
I have a good area up by the door that has been cleared from some of 2017 bales.  
The most challenging part was getting the gloves under the baling twine so that I could lift them.  My other challenge is that I have many allergies including hay and dust. Yes, I am going to pay for this workout.
There was one bale which was out of the feeding trough.  I decided to crawl down and toss that bale out into the back pasture for the donkeys and steers.
They all have other hay in the field.  But new is like candy.  It was a special treat.
I made it.  There were about 35 bales which were moved.
27 fit in the small area by the door.
The rest of the bales were stacked up at the end to work as a wind block.  
I decided to take two straw bales and refresh the bedding for the sheep and donkeys.
They were excited!  Not for the new bedding but because they had a change in their diet.  I kept speading out the straw.  They can eat it or bed on it.
Done! Oh yeah. Curly was feeling left out.
I gave him a couple wedges of straw.
When I got back to the house, I was met by 4 Dobermans. They took me for a walk.  We walked from the house (behind the white barn and red shed) to the Southwest corner of the property.
Below Skyler is waiting to pounce on the other dogs coming up behind me.
We continued our walk down the West property line talking to the steers on the way by. 
Our hobby farm currently has 6 sheep, 2 donkeys and 2 steers along with ducks, chickens and guinea hens.

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