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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Is that mine?!

Saturday evening I went to watch and tape my sister as Christmas present in The Waters presentation of Scrooge. On the way home I stopped by Walmart to get supplies for the puppies. I had noticed that all of the fleece blankets  (aka dog blankets) were either in the puppy pen or in the wash.
I saw that Walmart had the holiday style  throws on sale for $4.97 and I bought two. One for Sonjia and one for Duchess. Duchess saw me pull the first one out of the bag and immediately she was at my feet. I removed the protective wrap and snapped the plastic tie that was holding it in a roll shape. Duchess nose was at the edge of the blanket by this time so I told her to take it.
Tale wagging, head held high she dashed across the room and tossed it at Dale when she realized that I was taking a second one out. Dale finished unrolling it and covered Sonjia. Duchess was at my feet impatiently waiting for me. I gave her the second one and she took off for the spare room.
Smart girl! She jumped up on the bed and when I  walked in she tossed it at me to cover her up. There is no doubt!  Our Dobermans are spoiled! See how she's holding up her ears? She does that when she's happy and when she's extremely curious.
Sonjia snuggling in the season
cell photo by Trisha
Duchess does it dazzling

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