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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cat Cave Complete!

Whew! I started just before 10 AM and finished about 7 PM.  I took a short break for lunch and about an hour break to make and eat supper.  My sister saw this on Facebook and I'll try anything once.  This was tedious!  That says a lot coming from me because I normally do tedious well. 
Cat Cave Complete and drying stuffed with towels
I started by taking a piece of cardboard and cutting a 24" circle.  Then I laid the first layer of color down on the first side leaving some wool hanging over the edge to create an overlap.  This is going to end up being the inside of the cat cave that is visible through the entrance. There were two layers of wool going opposite directions. Each layer was wet down with hot water, soaped down  and worked up until it was felted.
Step 1 Complete
I flipped the project and repeated the steps.  
Roll over and repeat
I only used a couple layers of color then I switched to the white wool.  It felted differently but it seemed to be going well. I did several layers of white. It was slow pulling sections of wool and placing it across the form then wetting and soaping it down to work through the felting process.
Repeat over and over again
I was celebrating at this point.  I was almost done!  I am so exhausted having done this all day long that I'm almost falling asleep trying to write the blog tonight.  It turned out nice.  I like it.  I think my timing for cutting the hole was wrong because the layers separated around the opening.  I can create a fix for that.  
Almost done!

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