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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Answer to prayer

Hearing the voice of God (or his answer to your prayers) can be so difficult.  I have been praying this week for the guidance from God regarding an opportunity of getting my advertisement in a magazine that had an estimated distribution of 13,000 issues.

I shared with my sister that this was one time that I was having a difficult time discerning which direction that God wanted me to go.  To distract myself while I was waiting for my to be repaired,  I decided to write a facebook author page notation as Travis suggested.

Part of what I wrote was "Jeremy in Second-Hand Tuxedo found that when God answers prayer, it isn't always what we think of when we go to him in prayer." When I hit published, I thought to myself where did that come from?

I flipped the book open to where I had randomly placed the bookmark.  Evelyn was calling on Travis,  her friend for guidance in her mystery.  Why had I chosen the name Travis for my character?  My advertising representative that has been giving me advice in working with social media is named Travis. 

I've been looking at camera lenses. They where going to cost over $1000. I decided that I wouldn't buy them until they were under $500. Then I found them on sale for about $225.

My car repair ended up to be free,  covered by warranty (most of my warranty has expired. ) That was 17% of the money that I would have needed.  There were little, unrelated events.  But those first words that God answers prayer differently than we expect, kept rolling through my brain.

By the time I called to take advantage of the opportunity,  Travis had negotiated nearly 30% off. He had also received an update that sales were already over 13,000 for the August issue. The new projected distribution was between 18-20,000.

At the end of the day,  I only needed to come up with about 22% of the cost from  my budget.  I am not going to limit God.  I believe that ha can provide the entire amount.

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