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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Any volunteers for weeding?

Star gazer lilies are beginning to bloom.  What a great POP of color!
Tucked in the middle of some weeds is a small daisy plant.  Do I hear any volunteers?
These yellow daisy like plants have a base like a bush.  I have yet to see them in full bloom.  I'm not sure what they are so I'm not sure if they are root bound.
The spring before we moved out here, we bought two clematis plants. We never got them planted in town. I took the risk and planted them in the fall. This is the first time they've bloomed. It will make a nice cover along the fence. 
The Evening Primrose is now in full bloom. Such brilliant yellow!
The Delphiniums are also in full bloom.  They were just starting to bloom a week ago.
It is a rare few days when I get to see the seed pods and the blooms together on the same plant. 
I love the bright red and the texture of the seed pods. It is such an unusual texture and shape. Don't you want to reach out and touch them?

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