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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'll try

I was flipping channels this weekend and caught about 15 minutes of Karate Kid III.  At one point, the young boy tells his master "I'll try". 

The wise master replied, "Do or do not."

I've always heard things like, "If you don't try you can never succeed." "If at first you don't suceed; try, try again."

But the simplicity of "Do or do not" brought the concept to a different level. You must not only try but with a can do attitude as Mamie McCoulough would say.  She tells a story that I often repeat. Scientists have proven that a bumble bee can't fly. It's body is too large for it's tiny wings. Yet they fly every day.  No one told the bumble bees that they can't fly so they DO.

Choose to DO today.

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