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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Time of Intimacy

The Holy of holies.  Holy means set apart, pure. This was where God was.  In the most set apart area, not hiding from men but protecting them.  I've heard it said before that if a sinful man goes before God without a veil he will die from the excessive guilt. Seeing God's perfection would be just too much for us.  But it is God's desire to keep us as close as possible so he provides a veil needed.

God remained in the Holy of holies in a sacred chess (ark) covered by the mercy seat with Cherubs on top. The priest entering had to carry a pot of incense and keep it before his face.  There was no earthly light in this room.  It was lit by the Glory of God.  God so much missed the fellowship of man that he chose to be boxed in for the fellowship. 
Photo by Trisha Field
Replica View Inside the Holy of Holies
At the moment of the death of Christ on the cross, the veil (replica seen behind) was torn from the top down and the Glory of God returned to Heaven where he sits on the throne.  Jesus death and resurrection was the final sacrifice for our sins.  Through Jesus and the Holy Spirit he left behind, we now can have the relationship with God that he desires.  God can and will now meet us where we are at if we reach out to him.  A good healthy relationship is a two way street.  God NEVER forces himself on people.  He just waits with his arms open wide waiting to pull us in close for the loving and intimate relationship that will fill the holes in our hearts.  We are the prodigal children; run toward the Father and he will run to us, meet us, and forgive us.

Photo by Trisha Field
The Priestly Garments
The priest wore white linen shorts to cover his nakedness.  A white linen robe so that he was covered in the purity of Christ.  A blue covering for the hope of heaven.  On a golden breastplate worn over his heart were twelve gems; one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Outside of that were two more gems that were communication stones.  One meant yes and one meant no.  When there was a question that they needed to ask God, they would wait for a response by watching the stones.  The one that was lit up would provide the answer.  Two gems rested on the front of the shoulder and kept the breastplate in place. 

The guide told now it is God who rests our problems on his shoulders and keeps us, his gems, close to his heart. 

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