Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Time for lambs?

Troy and Ray came out to help me create a windbreak fence for the sheep and young lambs.
We used an old fence that was laying around.  It is rusty and bent but with plywood attached to one side and a wheel on the bottom,  it will work.
It is just over halfway back and still leaves enough room for the sheep to get to the forward feeding troughs. 
The sheep were curious and walked back and forth around the fence after we finished. 
There are 2 feeding troughs inside the new lambing area.
It is looking good!  I will need to find and setup a small water dish by the feeders for the sheep once the lambing pen is closed up for the season. 
The gate will close to the 6×6 on the right.  I still need to figure out a way to latch it shut.  There is a chain on the end. That will help but I need to think of some way to work so the chain will function like a latch.

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