Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

It is time to share a little more with you!

In reflection, I realized today, that if I needed to describe myself with a single word it would be "sharing".  I am an introvert but I enjoy sharing.  I share in this BLOG, on Facebook, in my everyday job and in my books.
Last night I hosted a meeting at my place and my sister and I provided supper before the meeting.  We shared small serving sizes of several tastes including; roll-ups, wantons filled with cream cheese, black and green olives, homemade tomato soup with 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich, french onion soup with swiss cheese, homemade salsa with chips,whipped cream cheese cake (coconut, dark chocolate and mint) and to top things off a dark chocolate/mint dove candy.

 I signed up with Young Living on September 18th.  In October I went from beginning distributor to Young Living Star and I shared with one person who decided to share in the venture of health and wellness.  The meeting last night was to set goals and determine a realistic plan to reach them.  I retire in about 14 years.  I would like to be supplementing my retirement income by $2000 a month when I retire.  The key is sharing and helping other people reach their goals.  My goal will fall into place by showing others how to let their inner star shine!
Last night I also received my oil carousel.  It is so exciting to organize the oils!  I am two steps into meeting my goal.  If I haven't shared the toxin free product with you and you are interested, please ask me!  Young Living is a Win Win for all of us!

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