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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keeping track of Irises

Forgive any weeds that you might see. The Irises are beginning to bloom.  When we moved it was in the fall. I tried to keep the different groups segregated but I didn't have any idea which colors were where. They didn't bloom last year so I'm especially excited to see them bloom this year!
These top two pictures are from the North garden just outside of the fence. I have 6 to 8 clusters of standard Irises and there were Siberian Irises in the garden too. Notice the yellow getting ready to bloom behind the rock?
There are purple and white Irises in the second grouping back on the East side.
On the North edge of the West garden the miniature Irises are getting ready to bloom.
Directly behind the mini Irises are more groupings. They are so close to blooming.
On the other side of the garden are several more clusters.  The white and purple are Irises are the Southern most grouping in the center.

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