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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lilies changing colors?

I was certain that this was were I was planting my Easter Lilies just to the side of my babies breath.  The babies breath always overtakes the back section.  Now I noticed a couple of lilies blooming but they are pink. It is the same color pink as some other lilies on the East side of my house.  Which left me wondering is it something with the soil.  Hydrangea will be different colors depending on the acidity level of the soil..... maybe lilies are the same way???  This would be a perfect picture if the babies breath were in bloom.  It looks like it is getting close. :^)

I looked it up on line and found out that lilies that have been genetically altered for various colors can have the tendency to change color as it ages.  Some people noted that on one stem, the blooms may even vary.  They could not be sure if something changed in the bulb or if the original bulb had died off and what was now being seen was the next generation (scale that had grown large enough to bloom.)

This year, I have a very pretty pink variegated lily.  I wonder what I'll have next year?!?

Photo by Trisha Field
Lilies through babies breath

Speaking of the colors of flowers.  I love the texture size and longevity of bloom for the bachelor buttons.  I sprinkled a LOT of seed across my two gardens last year.  I haven't seen any pink yet but I have a lot of blue and one lone plant of white.  At first I thought the white was a daisy because I'd put down daisy seeds too.  There is something appropriate about a "bachelor button" having blue for it's primary color. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Button, Button whose got the button?

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  1. Thanks for the information on the Easter Lily. I had one in over 29 years. This year is is coming up deep red and not white. It may be because of age. Information was very helpful.